The ever-extending list of really weird cameras

I have a soft spot in my heart for really weird contraptions to take pictures. A non-exhaustive list of at least slightly unusual cameras which may get updated from time to time…

(in no particular order)

The SPUD - a self contained scanner camera

spud1 spud2 spud3

The Alulu Camera - The Receipt Paper Film Camera

spud1 alulu2 alulu3

The Brancopan - A 3d-printed panoramic camera that was crowdfunded to make the plans available to everyone
(made by the pretty cool Cameradactyl people)


The GameBoy Camera (of course) - the smallest and cheapest digital camera of it’s time

gameboycamera1 CC BY NC - Jess C on flickr

gameboycamera2 CC BY NC ND - Mario Durán on flickr

The Light L16 - A camera with 16 sensors (and 16 lenses)


The Etch-A-Snap - A camera that draws its output on an Etch-A-Sketch

The Polaroid Thermal Printer Camera by mitxela