A Digital Toy Camera
Lomography without film

Geodesic Light
A light fixture based on Buckminster Fuller's Fly's Eye Domes

Pen-Plotter World Map
Processing pipeline and pen-drawing machine to put giant maps on paper or walls.

Digital Solargraphy
A camera and a processing technique for ultra-long exposure photography and digital solargraphy. [video]

Seedmarkers - Shape-independent Computer Vision Markers
Physically-embeddable computer vision markers for arbitrary surfaces.

A single button keyboard. Nothing more, nothing less.

Drone Visualizations
Simple and pleasing pedestrian path visualizations based on drone footage.

18650 external camera battery
High-capacity battery box with 18650 batteries. Perfect to directly supply cameras with power for weeks.

Weatherproof camera enclosure
Collection of DIY weatherproof camera boxes for timelapses.

Master's Thesis
Visual pedestrian tracking on low-cost smartphones.

Bachelor's Thesis
Vibro-tactile displays in wearables for Braille.